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La Cabana Dijiwa Villa

La Cabana, a 5 Bedroom with a private pool Villa is a sanctuary for those who are deeply in love with a touch of Bali culture and a blend of modern living. A home for those passionate in Art.

Located in the heart of Seminyak, a balance between a sophisticated and a mix of tourist residential areas .

La Cabana is owned by Artist and Painter Alexa Aguila Genoyer.

Every corner in this property has an aesthetic appeal that shows paintings originally made from the owner, and other artists that have collaborated with her. With a wide collection of books in the library corner.

Alexa has transformed La Cabana as a home for artists, with open areas available for use as co-working spaces, painting room with her tools, yoga space turned into an open air home theater available in the mezzanine

Wide private gardens for you to enjoy the balance of nature in the middle of Seminyak.

A swimming pool in the middle of the area with easy access to enjoy, and gazebo in the corner to relax.


Main interiors of each bedroom are genuine gladak or tetukuklan, traditional wooden houses renovated with ethnic details that give a warm and cozy atmosphere, with rays of sunshine through each window that completes it.


She made LA CABANA, your home away from home, where you can be the alchemist of your own world. Don't bother about how, we organize it all. Imaginations turns into reality staying in La Cabana 

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